Hello everyone! We’ve reached over 1/3 of our goal in just over one week, which is amazing! We are very grateful for all of the support thus far, and for those who have shared it further. And we owe a special shout-out to Veronica Torres for being our first backer!

We launched this campaign last week immediately after our fall semester concerts, and as a thank you for your support and any additional sharing or support, we have a recording from those concerts for you! This is Shto Mi e Milo, a Macedonian Folk Song about watching the girls of Struga stroll by as they go to fetch water. This piece was arranged by Daniel Abraham, our conductor. The solo that starts the piece is by Rachel Avery. Drums are by bass Matt Horanzy and Daniel Abraham. Listen for the Bass-Soprano section duets towards the end of the piece!

(Note: the picture on the SoundCloud link is an outdated picture of the Chamber Singers – it will be updated as soon as we take a group photo later this month).

We also took a picture of the section in concert attire – this is a rare opportunity to see us all in tuxedos! It was taken outside of the Katzen Arts Center, where we perform.
Basses in Tuxes

Lastly, a few technical updates: first, check out and bookmark our blog, bassestothebalkans.wordpress.com, where all of these updates will be posted (in addition to the Kickstarter page), and where we will be posting updates and pictures from our tour when we’re there in May. Second, we’ve added a Frequently Asked Questions portion to our page, describing where the money will go and more about our reasoning behind the campaign. Let us know if you have any questions, and thanks again!